How LUME Makes a Difference

Companies and individuals are facing an exceptional amount of change and adversity. How can companies not only face these challenges head on, but actually thrive?

LUME is a game changing platform enabling senior leaders to overcome their biggest employee challenges by enhancing employee mental agility. We enable employees to successfully navigate change and create a happier, more resilient workforce.

Increased Change and Adversity Reduces Employee Confidence and Resilience

Effective managers need to build trust, empathise and support employees to be their best. LUME gives managers visibility to spot signs early and provides the toolset to give the best support to build resilience and overcome challenges and change.

Meet Employee Eric,

Like everyone, Eric only has so much capacity for being able to deal with change and adversity before it starts to impact his mental wellbeing negatively.

Without LUME

Employees are dealing with a lot of change and it can feel overwhelming and lead to burn out.

The rate of change impacts employee perception and moral, reducing problem solving abilities.

Eric struggles to keep up with everything and feels overwhelmed. His natural response is to become defensive and play it safe.


Eric has the latest tools and techniques to help build awareness and reduce stress.

Eric is able to much better manage his thoughts and perception, helping him to develop a growth mindset and focus on solutions instead of problems.

Eric has a more positive mindset, and is able to tap into his natural creativity and feels more comfortable taking calculated risks and pushing himself and his work.

Workload Pressure Increases as Staff Turnover Rises

As staff turnover rates skyrocket loyal employees are left picking up the pieces, but few know how to cope with the additional demand.

Meet Employee Ellie,

Not only is Ellie having to adapt to new ways of working, but she is also having to pick up additional work from colleagues that have left.

Without LUME

As the workload mounts Ellie starts to feel the pressure increasing, which eventually manifests itself as stress. Increasing her chances of developing mental ill health.

The more stressed Ellie feels the faster her ability to keep up with the demands decreases, creating a vicious cycle.

Eventually Ellies work and health is impacted. She looks at options for time off or a new role. Compounding the problem for the company.


Ellie gains a new perspective on mental fitness and pressures role in creating stress.

She has access to evidence based knowledge, tools and techniques which help her to better manage her stress and develop an optimistic mindset.

Her reduced stress and increased optimism makes Ellie a better problem solver, so she is able to navigate the new environment and pressures more effectively.

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The War On Talent Is Intense

The pandemic has shifted people's priorities. If companies want to attract the right talent they need to offer more than just salary and benefits and must focus on wellbeing.

Meet HR Manager Helen,

Helen works in HR and is struggling to help her organisation stand out against the 4 other offers her primary candidates are getting

Without LUME

Helen is offering record salaries and more benefits than ever to attract candidates but still can't attract the right ones.

Staff continue to resign faster than those being hired as existing staff are overworked, or lose patience waiting for promised promotions.

Helen has no choice but to hire poor quality candidates many of whom leave shortly after with a bad experience and leave bad reviews, compounding the hiring problem.


Helen is able to provide an authentic mental wellbeing programme that provides proactive support to help employees navigate the new norm.

Employees stop resigning as they feel looked after, care about the company and their boss and feel "in it together"

Helen is under less pressure to hire as headcount remains stable while good quality candidates are attracted by the focus on wellbeing and positive employee reviews.

Reduced Collaboration, Increased Isolation

Hybrid working creates new challenges for employees who struggle with reduced face to face colloboration and don't have the mental fitness to handle change or be agile in the face of new challenges.

Meet Employee Elliot,

Elliot is a long time company employee, and enjoys the switch to hybrid working, but now struggles with performance, focus, and problem solving due to work isolation.

Without LUME

Elliot struggles to collaborate with his team and feels helpless as he struggles to adapt to change.

Elliot comes to the office but finds office life empty as people work from office at different times.

Elliot is on the verge of resigning as he feels isolated, and his performance has dropped causing concern from his manager who is unable to change things.


Elliot is given the tools to enhance their emotional and social intelligence.

Elliot uses these tools to identify and manage stress, build deeper social skills and connections remotely and regulate their emotions.

Elliot feels more connected to his team and company, is able to navigate change and challenges, and feels content and continues to perform.

“What makes LUME special is it supports employees in building their own resilience, while the rich data and in-depth knowledge base empowers managers to better support employees.”

Dr Paul Thomas
Leadership & Complexity Expert, Director DNA Definitive

Managers Lack The Required People Skills

Being a manager is not an enviable position at the moment. They are already spinning more plates then ever and now also need to be able to provide emotional and wellbeing support to their team

Meet Manager Mark,

A newly promoted manager, he wants his team to better problem solve, manage stressful situations and better deal with conflict.

Without LUME

Employees lack confidence as they struggle to deal with setbacks.

Are unable to handle their negative emotions, feel unsupported and leave.

Mark feels powerless with his team overworked as he tries to fill a growing number of team member vacancies.


Mark better understands mental wellbeing to spot employees struggles, and how to better communicate and support team members.

Mark becomes a world class listener, confident in delivering constructive criticism, building empathy and making team members feel heard and valued.

Mark's team is able to work through their challenges with Mark's support and excel in their roles motivated and happy.

Conflict Between Business and Team Needs

In challenging times revenue, profit, growth is in direct conflict with the needs of employees

Meet Manager Mary,

As a manager she struggles to manage employee vs business needs and lacks the time to be a therapist/mentor as well as a leader.

Without LUME

Team members struggle to take responsibility for their performance, energy and wellbeing.

Changes to business processes and increased oversight as the company adjusts to new challenges feels unjustified by team members.

Mary's team resists change and lack awareness making them unhappy, stressed and ultimately resign.


Team members work on their mental fitness and take accountability for their life and are better able to support themselves and their team.

Employees feel braver in decision making, more resilient to setbacks and more agile in a changing marketplace.

Mary's team see a positive impact in their work, are inspired, and empowered to succeed and excel.

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Blindspot as Companies Lack Wellbeing Data and Visibility

In times of heightened uncertainty many companies don't know how their employees are feeling or reacting to challenges and change

Meet Manager Mandy,

She wants to better support his employees so they can perform at their best but struggles to understand the factors stopping this and finds himself reacting only after there's been significant impact to the organisation.

Without LUME

Team members struggle to communicate with their manager about their mental health as they face challenges inside and outside of work.

Mark sees redued productivity and increased team stress but struggles to help his team overcome this and get the best from them.

Mark is frustrated, reactive, and struggles to help his team who feel distracted, anxious and take many absense days for much needed relief.


Mark is able to understand mental health, spot signs, and know how to start conversations to better support his team.

The business has much needed anonymous but detailed insights into employee mood and what's impact it and offers preventative support.

Mark has expert advice to resolve issues take prevenative action and his team feel supported, focused and excel at work.

Onboarding New Staff Is Taking Longer

Junior recruits struggle to integrate into work life under hybrid working.

Meet Employee Elizabeth,

Elizabeth is a new recruit and is struggling to integrate with her new hybrid working job due to less on the job learning, less ad hoc coonversations and less connections compared to office life.

Without LUME

Elizabeth tries her best to get up to speed in her new role and make friends with her team but feels very disconnected

Elizabeth spends more time trying to learn and adjust, feels uncomfortable reaching out to her team and quickly loses confidence.

Elizabeth loses motivation, feels unsupported, under performs and resigns.


Elizabeth is given the knowledge and tools to enhance her emotional and social intelligence

Elizabeth uses the tools to improve her mental fitness and is able to enhance her confidence, establish a growth mindset and improve her problem solving abilities

Elizabeth is able to rise to the challenge of a new job and hybrid working and excels in her new role supported by her manager who has also developed his people skills with LUME.