Are You Ready to Build a Happier More Resilient Workforce?

Improve the mental fitness of your organisation. See how LUME can unleash your employees potential and solve your toughest HR challenges.

"I love the insights, we all love the tools, but most importantly it really makes a difference!"

GM, General Assembly

Unleash Employee Potential

Unleash Employee Potential

Help employees overcome challenges and change

Increase engagement and drive employee happiness

Provide optimal working conditions and drive morale

Strengthen employee psychological agility and emotional regulation

Understand in real time employee mental wellbeing to take preventative action

Solve Your Toughest Challenges


Change and Adversity

Increase employee confidence and resilience

Managers People Skills

Tools to spot employee struggles and provide empathy

Staff Turnover

Retain talent by reducing stress and increase employee optimism

Business/Team Conflict

Create inspired and empowered teams resilient to setbacks


Attract the right talent and maintain a stable headcount

Wellbeing Blindspots

Detailed insights into employee mood to take preventative action

Employee Isolation

Build deeper social skills and improve collaboration


Enhance employee confidence and establish a growth mindset


What to Expect on Your Demo?

What to Expect on Your Demo?

Trends in workplace wellbeing and the typical challenges companies face

Overview of the LUME app showcasing how it builds employee mental fitness

Review of LUME's detailed reporting and insights that directly leads to business and people results

Discussion about client success and benefits using LUME

How LUME supports you from planning and launch to driving success with your newest employee benefit

“What makes LUME special is it supports employees in building their own resilience, while the rich data and in-depth knowledge base empowers managers to better support employees.”

Dr Paul Thomas
Leadership & Complexity Expert, Director DNA Definitive

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