We Unlock The Hidden Potential In Your People, And Your Organisation
We’re flipping traditional L&D on its head.

Whilst in-role skills and capabilities are important, we value supporting the potential of the person applying them more.
Our Why
We believe that our most important asset is our mind, and that human potential is defined by our ability to manage the way we think, feel and act in any given circumstance.

We also believe that the most important asset of any organisation is its people.

We know that for your people, and therefore your organisation to reach their potential, the most valuable thing you can do is empower your employees to better manage the way they think, feel and act.

Afterall, skills and capabilities are only as effective as the human being applying them.

LUME exists to educate, empower and support your people in doing this.


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Our Story
With spending over 12 years in organisational transformation, Chris Bradley, Co-Founder and CEO of LUME saw first hand the growing tensions between organisations and employees.

On one hand companies are investing heavily in trying to adapt tools, processes and culture in order to stay relevant in the face of rapidly changing conditions.

On the other hand employees are being stretched and pressured to adapt to the changing landscape and new ways of working.

Chris quickly realised that the focus in supporting people in reaching their potential was all wrong.Companies were overly focused on upskilling people's skills and capability in-role. But little was being done to equip them with the skills needed to reach their human potential, and therefore use these skills and capabilities effectively.LUME plugs this gap, and provides people with a holistic program and tool set in order to reach their human potential. Not just in work, but in life too.

The way we do work isn’t changing, it has changed. No longer are companies looking for efficiencies and a workforce of order takers. Great companies now strive for effectiveness and adaptability, and for that they need an army of resilient problem solvers.
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