We unlock the hidden potential in your people, and your organisation.

Our minds are our most important assets, we help your people to thrive by working on their mental fitness, and we show your organisation how you can better support them in doing so.

Our Why

We believe that human potential is made possible by how we support our minds health and how we work on our mental fitness.

We also believe that the potential of any organisation is defined by its people.

Therefore for your company to reach its potential, your people need to first reach theirs. 

LUME has been built to support your people and your business in reaching their potential.

track and improve mental health over time

Our Team

Chris Bradley
Caedmon Mullin
Gordon Hanna
Head of Growth
Nick Kenton
Jamie McDermott
Nella Gellion
Client Success
Inesa Zaiceva
UX Design
Dr Ruth Spence
Scientific Board
Dr Neil Thompson
Scientific Board
Dr Lyndsey Mahmood
Scientific Board
Pauline Bowe, Msc
Scientific Board
Determining what is impacting employee mental health in the workplace,

Our Story

With spending over 12 years in organisational transformation, Chris Bradley, Co-Founder and CEO of LUME saw first hand the growing tensions between organisations and employees.

On one hand companies are investing heavily in trying to adapt tools, processes and culture in order to stay relevant in the face of rapidly changing technology and consumer demands.

On the other hand employees are being stretched and pressured to adapt to the changing landscape and these new ways of working.

Chris quickly realised that the focus in supporting people through change was all wrong.

Companies were overly focused on upskilling people's capability in the processes and tools of their role. But little was being done to equip them with the skills needed to become more resilient, more adaptable in the face of change, more agile when dealing with uncertainty and more creative when solving problems and overcoming setbacks.

LUME was created to plug this gap and to provide people with the right tools, knowledge and skills in order to improve their mental fitness, become more adaptable and reach their potential. Not just in work, but in life too.

The way we do work isn’t changing, it has changed. No longer are companies looking for efficiencies and a workforce of order takers. Great companies now need effectiveness and adaptability, and for that they need an army of resilient problem solvers.

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