The solution to understanding and improving workplace mental wellbeing.

We believe by 2030 employees of every progressive organisation will enjoy ‘good work’, which contributes positively to their mental health, our society and our economy.

We can help your organisation realise this vision.

"LUME’s workplace wellbeing platform provides us with detailed data and insight into the mental wellbeing of our workforce and what's impacting it."

With LUME you can now finally take preventative action towards creating ‘good work’ for your employees, rather than only being able to react as challenges arise.

LUME's clinically backed and evidence based approach addresses the 3 key challenges of workplace mental wellbeing;

Understanding the mental health of your employees and how to better support them

Using the LUME app employees can track and improve their own mental health over time

See real time, anonymised data about the mental health of your employees and what is affecting them

Make data led decisions on how best to support your employee

Determining what is impacting employee mental health in the workplace, in order to take preventative action

See detailed insight into the significant impacts on employee mental wellbeing in the workplace

Receive expert analysis on what the data means, and recommendations on appropriate preventative action

Be clear on what the right changes are for your workforce

Increasing the level of awareness and understanding of mental health throughout your company

Bring mental health education to your entire workforce in bite size, on demand modules

Empower colleagues to help themselves and each other with relevant knowledge and tools

Raise the awareness and understanding around mental health for the entire workforce, not just a select few

See how much poor mental health is costing your organisation

Based on UK research
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