Tool Kit:

Free burnout tool kit for your employees

Get free access for you and your organization to the Burnout tool kit. With it employees will have a better understanding of what burn out is, what causes it and asses if they are close to burnout.

Employees will also get a fantastic tool, the Brain Dump, proven to support people in avoiding or dealing with burnout.

The Burnout Tool Kit Is Essential for All Employees

Burnout is a state of physical and emotional exhaustion that employees develop if they experience long-term stress in their role. business case to present to the right people for approval.

And it is on the increase.

Unleash Employee Potential

On average 79% of employees have experienced work-related stress in the last month

60% of employees report being negatively impacted by this work-related stress

26% of employees report a lack of interest, motivation, or energy

36% of employees report cognitive weariness

32% of employees report emotional exhaustion

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What to Expect on Your Demo?

Employees build their awareness about burnout and what is causing the issues for them so they can better problem solve

It also helps employees to clear their mind at the end of the day, improving their ability to switch off, get a better work life balance and more restful sleep

Employees develop an increased understanding of related impacts, prioritisation of the impacts and how to better manage their stresses and workload

The tool kit helps employees to avoid burnout or support themselves through it