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That Speak For Themselves
Of employees say LUME helps them to improve their personal or professional relationships
Of participants score 8 out of 10 or higher when asked how much the course has benefitted their ability to manage their mental fitness and resilience
Of employees say LUME makes them feel more positive and optimistic in life
Average Value for time spent
Of participants say it has helped them to better manage their mental fitness and resilience
Average NPS
What people say about Lume
It was really good, really put things into perspective and shown me I am able to work on myself and improve my mental health - there are things to put into place and action.
It was very useful, I found that the information was very easy to understand and gradually adapt into everyday life. The tools given are useful in both work, personal time and life in general.
Very informative and beneficial if you struggle to handle your
emotions and are open to change.
It was helpful to recognise why I am the way I am and how I can further improve myself.
Really insightful to help me learn about my reactions and why I act the way I do.
Really detailed in depth and no judgement.