Pre-Recorded Webinar:

How High Performing Organisations Solve their Wellbeing Challenges with LUME

Date:    12 July 2022
Time:    11 AM

Companies and individuals are facing an exceptional amount of change and adversity.

How are leading HR teams not only facing these challenges head on, but actually thriving?

LUME is a game changing platform enabling senior leaders to overcome their biggest employee challenges by enhancing employee mental agility.

track and improve mental health over time
track and improve mental health over time
Watch this Webinar and Learn:

Drivers of change and their impact on employee wellbeing

Challenges in supporting employee wellbeing

How high performing organisations drive results with mental fitness

The power of LUME to nurture a resilient workforce

This webinar will help you add value to your organisation by creating a resilient workforce that can easily adjust to change while maximising performance.
Chris Bradley | CEO, LUME
Chris is the CEO of LUME. A technology that revolutionise the approach to improve workplace wellbeing by focusing on the root cause as well as self support and reactive wellbeing initiatives.
Solve Your Employee Wellbeing Challenges