Tools, techniques & knowledge to create a more adaptable, more resilient, mentally fitter workforce

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Awareness is at the heart
of positive change

LUME is built around awareness.

We help your employees better understand how their thoughts, emotions and behaviors influence them.

We help you understand which areas your business needs more support, and why with LUME’s data and insights.

Designed around the 4 pillars of mental fitness

Employee mental fitness is supported by 4 key pillars; 
Biological, Psychological, Sociological and Spiritual.

LUMEs evidence based tools, techniques and knowledge is all designed specifically to empower your employees in supporting and improving each pillar. We help you understand which areas your business needs more support, and why with LUME’s data and insights.

Experiential learning - Learn by doing

The 10 - 20 - 70 rule states that employees get 10% of their knowledge from theory, 20% from mentoring and 70% from applying what they know.

LUME combines the latest evidence-based approaches with technology, to take employees from the usual 10% of theory, and lead them through the other 20% and 70% by supporting them in applying the theory.

Blended learning approach

Everyone learns differently. LUME uses a blended learning approach to ensure that the full benefits are available to all employees.

From live bimonthly webinars to engaging technology and multimedia experiences available across all platforms, LUME is accessible to all.

Right support, right time,
right place

LUME is available on Android, iOS and desktop. We’ve even made some of the core functionality available via email so that access is always where it needs to be, when it needs to be there.

What Our Customers Say


88% of staff say LUME increases their level of awareness around thoughts, feelings or behaviours

91% of staff say LUME makes them feel more positive and optimistic in life

93% of staff say LUME reduces stress and makes them feel calmer

Strengthen employee psychological agility and emotional regulation

Customers Testimonials

“I was finding my job stressful and had a fractious relationship with my manager, but LUME has helped me to re-frame it all, and has improved my relationship with not just my manager but actually all of my relationships.”
“It’s given me practical things I can do each day to help me to think positively, that I could easily build into my life as they barely take any time.”
What Are the Benefits?
See the benefits of LUME and supporting employee mental fitness.

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