Good Mental Health is more than just the individual

Whilst many organisations are adopting a traditionally reactive approach, that supports the well-being needs of some employees, we're equipping companies with a revolutionary approach that improves the system for all, supporting every member of the organisation

Mental health affects people's work. Work affects people’s mental health

Helping someone to better deal with stress is just one part of the solution, the other part is addressing the source of stress in the first place.

“Improve the system, and you improve things for everyone, enabling the organisation to thrive”

LUME is the ONLY truly holistic approach.  

Are you ready to join the workplace mental health revolution?

You can’t fix what you can’t see

With 1 in 4 of us dealing with a mental health problem in any given year, and with a significant cost to the employer, it’s no wonder this is now a boardroom issue. Yet the #1 barrier sighted by HR professionals is visibility into the challenge at hand.

Average cost of poor mental health on businesses, per employee, per year

#1 barrier in supporting employee mental health is lack of visibility into the challenge, as sighted by HR professionals

LUME enables data led decision making with detailed insight into the mental health of your employees, and what impacts it

We know workplace wellbeing

Built from an extensive background in organisational transformation and wellbeing we have seen this first hand, across a range of businesses and industries, from early stage small teams, to global enterprises. In the end the heart of the challenge is the same.

Our Scientific Advisory Board alone has over 100 years of academic and practical experience.

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